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Earth Cooling System, a pioneer in the Indian industry, has been creating innovative products and iconic brands since 2014. Headquartered in Delhi, with over 25 employees, Earth Cooling System is the largest Indian manufacturing company. Our top brands include Water cooled screw chillers. Being the fastest-growing manufacturing company, we continue to aggressively adopt new strategies and innovative initiatives in order to connect with our consumers. A large part of our growth strategy is driven by sales and distribution and our manufacturing capabilities.

We have always been passionate about building our own brands. We like to create, and we like to nurture what we create. Fueled by innovation that is engrained in the business. Our focus and vision are making Earth Cooling System, the No.1 manufacturing company in India. Earth Cooling System is the largest manufacturer of Process Chillers in India, having exports to over 4 countries around the world, including the EU & US. 

Our Product range includes advanced Screw Chillers, versatile Scroll Chillers, rugged Reciprocating Chillers as well as Customized Chillers, precisely designed and made as per the peculiar process cooling applications, some of them being Brine Chillers, Oil Chillers, etc. We have been accredited through various prominent international organizations for the management as well as engineering processes and are approved through various prestigious consultants and certifying bodies for specific process cooling applications across the world.

Absorption chillers with a Temperature range of up to (-) 20°C.

These Absorption chillers use spare heat and temperature of hot water up to 110°C along with cooling water from the cooling tower to produce large-scale cooling up to (-) 20°C Meat Freezing, Ice cream freezing, etc.

management Team

The management team of Earth Cooling System came together with a common motive to serve humanity. The team is keen to discover new possibilities and is always eager to adopt innovative approaches.

Earth Cooling system has an exceptional and veteran team that has collaborated to provide the optimum quality products to their clients. Our crew continuously searches new opportunities and always uses contemporary strategy to grow as an organization.

Mr. Sandeep Kheda (Director)

Earth Cooling System is a man behind the formation of the world’s most oversized chiller manufacturing company, Earth Cooling System. He is a Graduated from B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. Being a technological person, he always wanted to do something innovative and revolutionary. The journey of Earth Cooling System India was not a cakewalk because there was rigorous involvement of efforts, inventions, discussions, modern mechanisms and all that. Handling all these perspectives of business was a brainstorming period. However, with the evolution over time, businesses and customers demand globally. He always works with a team and always has a perception that even a single ray of hope and innovation can change the whole scenario of life.

Double honors Business Management from University of Haryana. He is enthusiastic and the biggest motivator of the company. Her marketing approach, business technology, and supply chain management have led Earth Cooling System to become one of the leading chiller manufacturing brands. He has contributed a lot to making this brand acceptable in the international market. With her consistent endeavor and research, the company has embarked on its stature in the Global market.


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