Reciprocating Chiller

Reciprocating chiller

reciprocating chiller

Product Details:

MaterialMild Steel
TypeWater Cooled
Cooling CapacityAs per application
Model Name/NumberSheetal
Compressor TypeAs per requirement
Automation GradeAutomatic
EvaporatorShell & Tube
No. Of CompressorAs per requirement
Refrigerant UsedR 22 /R 407
Phase2 Phase
Temperature Rangeas per requirement
Tonnage2 to 120 Ton
Country of OriginMade in India
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
A reciprocating chiller is a type of refrigeration system commonly used for air conditioning and industrial cooling applications. It employs reciprocating compressors as the main component for generating cooling. This type of chiller operates based on the principles of thermodynamics, utilizing a cycle of compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation to remove heat from a space or process.
The reciprocating compressor in a reciprocating chiller works by converting mechanical energy into refrigeration cycles through reciprocating motion. It consists of a piston housed within a cylinder. As the piston moves up and down, it compresses the refrigerant gas trapped within the cylinder. This compression process increases the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant.
Once compressed, the hot refrigerant gas is discharged into a condenser where it undergoes a phase change from gas to liquid. This phase change occurs as the refrigerant releases heat to the surrounding medium, typically water or air, inside the condenser. As a result, the refrigerant condenses into a high-pressure liquid.
The high-pressure liquid refrigerant then passes through an expansion valve or device, where its pressure and temperature are reduced. This sudden drop in pressure causes the refrigerant to evaporate, absorbing heat from the surroundings in the process. This cooled refrigerant vapor then enters the reciprocating compressor to repeat the cycle.

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