Air Cooled Water Chillers


Air Cooled Water Chillers
Product Details:
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Frequency50 Hz
Cooling Capacity10.5kw
Compressor TypeScrew
BrandEarth Cooling System
Temperature Range10-15 Deg C
Refrigerant UsedR-22
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Air Cooled Screw Chillers

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Air Cooled Water Chillers/Water Cooled Chillers

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How ECS is leading the market of Air Cooled Chiller in India?

The largest selection of Air Cooled Chiller in India is available from Earth Cooling System, along with other products including air purifiers, water purifiers, air coolers, cold storage, and specialty items. There is a solution for every requirement in the air-cooled chillers portfolio, which caters to both the commercial and domestic markets. Condominiums and commercial complexes are serviced by a variety of production systems. Air Cooled chillers in India work on the principle of transferring heat from a process or an environment to the ambient air through the use of air-cooled condensers.

Commercial refrigeration solutions offered by the company comprise a wide range of high-quality goods produced in-house. The earth cooling system offers a wide range of cutting-edge technology options. To earn the trust of our customers, our primary goal is to produce products that are completely safe and effective. Although the customers of this product are low the demand is really high. Air cooled chillers in India are required to provide a perfect working environment and so on.

Additionally, the business has introduced several of its fresh, cutting-edge models that benefit customers considerably more effectively. The selection of air-cooled chiller systems offered by our company is versatile. We offer reasonable costs for goods that have clever features that are quite practical for cooling needs.

Here is Why ECS is Among the Best Air Cooled Chiller in India

For a wide range of cooling capacities from 30 tonnes to 400 tonnes for comfort and process cooling applications with refrigerant alternatives, Earth Cooling System provides a variety of Air Cooled chillers in India. Since our air-cooled chillers are engineered for lower life cycle costs and dependability through design simplicity, they can help you cut your total cost of ownership.

These systems have the special benefit of having numerous refrigeration circuits with semi-hermetic compressors, compactness, and service-friendliness, which makes them useful in many commercial and industrial applications such as hotels, offices, hospitals, heavy industries, etc. Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers in India cost high and might not be able to offer high-quality service. 

Air Cooled Water Chiller: Optimized for Performance

For excellent reliability and efficiency, our compressor technology uses a direct drive, a low speed, and only one rotating part. Our Air cooled water chiller works efficiently because of water applications, and optimized compressor component profiles. Air Cooled chillers in India are getting expansive but still ECS is offering them at a competitive price.

Via a proactive control strategy, safety features with straightforward diagnostics, and a simple interface with any building automation or energy management, our Controller offers higher reliability. chillers with an earth cooling system are the best option for proper temperature control in almost any application. Buy Air cooled chiller in Delhi at an affordable price with an official warranty and after-sales service.

Affordable Air cooled water chiller

Ideal for Wide Range of Customers

For a variety of industrial applications, earth cooling system offers its customers dependable and cost-effective cooling solutions. We specialize in Air Cooled chillers in India that are created to satisfy the unique cooling needs of our clients as a top chiller manufacturer in India.

We use high-quality parts and cutting-edge technology in our air-cooled chillers to ensure long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements. We have a solution to fit the cooling needs of your application thanks to our extensive selection of air-cooled chillers in a range of capacities.

Why buy from the best Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers?

Our air-cooled chillers are made with a small footprint, which makes it simple to install them in tight locations. Additionally, they are built with noise-canceling components to ensure that they run quietly and effectively without disturbing the environment. Below are the listed benefits of buying from the best air cooled chiller manufacturers in India.

  • Air cooled chillers take up less room, can even be installed on a roof, and do not need a special mechanical room. In other words, instead of the Air-Cooled Chiller taking up most of the space, the building will have additional space for commercial uses.
  • Due to their simple construction and lack of a second set of pumps for the condenser, air cooled chiller in India are substantially less expensive to install than other types of chillers.
  • Compared to water-cooled chillers, air-cooled chillers require far less maintenance. This is as a result of it having less machinery than other chillers.

Prominent Features of Air Cooled Water Chiller

The Air-Cooled Chiller includes several characteristics that we have highlighted below. One of the leading air cooled chiller manufacturers in India earthcoolingsystem is known for their innovative cooling solutions and superior product quality.

  • Air Cooled chiller in India from ESC is 100 percent green and energy-efficient.
  • Purchase PLC-based fully automatic units that also include data logging and remote operation capabilities.
  • The equipment has electronic expansion valves, making it simpler to regulate temperature precisely and improving temperature control effectiveness.
  • Energy-saving equipment with high energy efficiency.
  • Excellent dependability. Extended equipment life and the choice of an adaptive frequency drive.
  • The finest in class cop, intelligent management, and very robust design.
  • Effective lubrication even when there is a power outage.
  • Simple BMS interface through protocols.
  • It has a cutting-edge microprocessor-based controller.
  • Air cooled chiller in India in India have Compressor and equipment safety controllers of the highest caliber.
  • Fully functionally certified and Custom-built machine inquiries are also welcomed owing to the client’s individual requirements. 
  • Water flow switches and antifreeze safety.
  • Site support and AMC choices for the duration of the equipment’s life; Obtain options for an extended warranty that lasts up to 10 years.

Outstanding After-Sales Assistance

Because we recognize the value of dependable cooling solutions across a range of industries, we also provide first-rate after-sales support. Your air-cooled chillers will run effectively for the duration of their lifespan thanks to the technical assistance and maintenance services that our team of professionals can offer you at any time. Glycol Chiller in India is also available for rent for longer durations.

We at Earth Cooling System are dedicated to giving our customers high-quality air-cooled chillers that satisfy their unique needs. To find out more about our air-cooled chillers and how we can meet your cooling demands, get in touch with us right away. You may rely on us as the trustworthy Air cooled water chiller.

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