Differences Between Air-Cooled Chiller & Water-Cooled Chiller

Differences Between Air-Cooled Chiller & Water-Cooled Chiller

Earth cooling system is an air-cooled Chiller and water-cooled chillers manufacturer. They are pioneers in manufacturing several chillers which include air-cooled and water-cooled chillers. Following is a difference between air cooled water chiller and water cooled chiller.

So that customers can make a good choice between products.

Water Cooled Chiller

water cooled water chiller

An Air cooled scroll chiller systems have a cooling tower, which makes them more efficient than air-cooled chiller systems. Water-cooled chillers are more efficient because the ambient temperature bulb temperature, which is lower than the ambient dry bulb temperature, determines whether water condenses. The lower it condenses, the more effective a chiller is.

The cooling towers, condenser water pump, makeup water pump, chillers, and TES reservoirs are just a few of the crucial parts of this system. Because they take up less space than air-cooled chillers, some customers might prefer these models. In addition to being more efficient and lasting longer than the indicated substitute, these chillers. The water-cooled machine and water cooled screw chillers might be appealing to those who want the equipment to be used indoors. 

Air Cooled Chiller

air cooled screw chillers in delhi

The air cooled chiller may be used where aesthetic, environmental, or water access restrictions exist. Both water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers rely on an air stream to transfer heat. The air-cooled chillers use an ambient air current, but the water-cooled chillers, or rather the cooling towers, employ a humid air stream. Typically, water-cooled chillers are more affordable and effective, but they also use a lot of water.

In order to produce extremely effective and efficient air-cooled chillers, the Earth Cooling System Chiller Manufacturer in Delhi has discovered a way to combine contemporary manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge technology. Because of this, the company’s chiller facilities compete fiercely with water-cooled chillers in various ways. Sadly, some people continue to think that air-cooled chillers can’t provide very good efficiency. Such individuals merely need to look at the effectiveness of these chillers years ago and the gradual rise in the rating of air-cooled chillers over time.

The air-cooled designs of water cooled chiller systems have already been implemented by numerous chiller facilities, and they have received positive feedback. These chillers are particularly dependable when utilized in part-load applications. In conclusion, the following are the advantages of employing air-cooled chillers:

  •       Improved environmental stability and zero water waste
  •       Lack of cooling towers
  •       Low cost of maintenance
  •       Tower freezing and tower bypass are absent, and operation and control are easier
  •       Chemical costs were saved
  •       Water costs are minimized, particularly in cities
  •       There won’t be any water issues to cope with in a disaster

How to pick from water cooled chiller and air cooled chillers?

The fundamental criterion for selecting a chiller is its cooling capability. The balance between operating expenditures and capital costs is equally important. Some customers will consider upfront costs while making a purchase. A value-based alternative, however, takes into account both the initial cost and the operational cost. Add the prices for contractors and equipment to get the starting price for each choice.

Do not forget to include the cooling tower for the water-cooled chiller. You must take into account both the purchase price and the operating price when calculating life cycle costs. This evaluation will allow you to calculate the total cost of each of the two chillers. What you must keep in mind is that if you discount the first cost and water cost, water-cooled chillers typically appear more valuable. However, the actual picture doesn’t become apparent until you consider the bigger picture of prices.

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