Complete Guide to Water Cooled Screw Chillers: Components, Operation, Applications, and Benefits

water cooled screw chillers are the mechanical systems that is used in industries and building where larger scale air conditioning is required. The main task is to ensure the temperature should be lower. These chillers have a robust design, comes with twin screw compressor allows many advantages like efficiciency, reliability and adaptability to varying cooling demands.

Components of a water cooled screw chillers

Compressor: it is the heart of water cooled screw chillers typically a twin screw compressor known for their efficient and ability to suit best in the environment varying in size and needs. There are two intermeshing helical rotors inside responsible for compressing the refiregerent gas. They have excellent strength against holding huge loads, making it the most reliable for large-scale cooling.

Condenser: condenser is the part where the high pressure compressed gas is transferred. Further the cool water circulates through the condenser tubes, as the refrigerant loses heat, it condensed into high pressure liquid state.

Evaporators: the condensed high pressure liquid then moves forward through the expansion valves, reduces its pressure and temperature. Here the refrigerant absorbs all the feat from the chilled circulating water during the transportation through the evaporators coils. This heat exchange results in evaporation of low pressure gas, which provides the cooling effect in the building or industries.

Expansion valves: the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator is controlled by expansion valves, ensure there must be proper difference between the condenser and evaporator. it ensures the efficiency in the whole process of heat absorbing and cooling effect through regulation of refrigerant flow.

Control panel: as condenser known as the core of the chiller, it is called the brain as this allows the user operation of the chiller system. It allows you to maintain parameters, temperatures, pressures and performance. The intergration of latest technology make it the more reliable with advanced controlling feature, engery efficiency amd coordination between the multiple chillers.

How a water cooled screw chillers works?

Water cooled chiller operation is highly based on vapor compression refrigeration cycle where a continuous cycle of steps is followed:

At the very beginning of the operation the refrigerant gas is compressed by a twin screw compressor as the rotors rotate it reduces the volume of gas, increase its temperature.

Further the hot high pressure gas leave the compressor and enter the condenser where the high pressure gas is converted into the cold water during the circulation through condenser tubes. The refrigerant condenses into a high pressure liquid as it uses the energy to cool down the water.

The high pressure liquid refriegerwnt passes through an expansion valve where the pressure decreases quickly. The sudden temperature drop further prepares the refrigerant for the next stage: evaporation.

Once the low pressure refrigerant enters the evaporator, evaporator coils absorbs heat during the circulation which cause refirgerent to evaporate into low pressure gas, also this is the final step after the cycle repeates continue until the desired cooling effect is not maintained.

Application of water cooled screw chillers in India:

When it comes to the application, it facilitates many commercial units, sectors, hospitals, labs, and more, as described below:

Air conditioning: water cooled screw chillers are primarily used for air conditioning in huge buildings like hotels, offices, malls, and more.

Industrial units: sectors, warehouses, factories, and industries use it to lower the temperature as there is high heat produced during operations, which requires control.

IT sector: It is used in different sectors to maintain optimal operating conditions.

Labs and hospitals: also used in hospitals and labs for air conditioning and cooling in medical facilities to ensure a comfortable environment and to protect sensitive equipment.

Why are water cooled screw chillers in India in high demand now?

Here are the advantages:

Efficiency and effectivity: screw compressors are efficient and reliable for effective large-scale cooling applications.

Sustainable: these are made up of a proper analysis of environmental needs and features for an effective meeting of sustainability needs.

Noise-effective: compared to their other types, screw chillers are quieter, hence highly preferred.

Longevity: it ensures continuous operation without additional costs or services.

Energy efficient: the whole mechanism of a water-cooled chiller works efficiently with minimum energy consumption and is known to be best against air-cooled chillers for large-scale industries with low cost and high features.

Optimal water usage: although it offers cooling through water only, the latest technology and advancements have made it possible to have more efficient water usage through cooling tower optimization and water treatment.


Cost effective: water cooled chillers are cost effective and highly preferred because of the qualitative features. The prime feature is these are affordable and effective operation reduces the chances of damage and repair.

Hence, its robust features enable it to be highly used in large-scale cooling operations where efficiency, reliability, and precise temperature controls are necessary.

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